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  1. Shane 05.09.11 / 10am

    Is there anybody in there?
    Just nod if you can hear me.
    Is there anyone home?

  2. Sir Gash Slugg 05.09.11 / 11pm

    Rock on!

  3. Crispin Teacup-Walnutcake III 05.10.11 / 12am

    Jolly good show at the Warrior Dash chaps.

  4. Luvlee 06.07.11 / 2am

    Hey there boyz 😀

    Lookin gooood 😉 c ya soon xxxx

  5. jarrodism 07.17.11 / 7pm

    hey boys -da site looks great ….congrads once again on getting the band up and running ,its very cool that your gigging away (i wish i was) haha and i will get up there one-day to see you forsure ok all the best…jazi jay

  6. j h 01.13.12 / 11pm

    should come and play at windsor one day hehehehe

  7. Chuckles 02.02.12 / 7am

    Hi, Al! Dean put me onto you. Just dropping a quick line to say g’day.

  8. Anonymous 06.22.12 / 8pm

    Hows about some “Screaming Jets” more “Jet” “Nickelback or “Linkin Park.
    Think yr up for it

  9. Jules 08.02.12 / 7pm

    Thanks Mickey
    U really no how to embarrass a girl.
    Next time Im Gertrude.

  10. Thanks Mikey 09.11.12 / 2am

    What a great night thank you… & a song dedicated to me…Woohoo doesn’t get better than that.. made the night..

  11. Brett 11.17.12 / 12pm

    G’day fellas, You blokes went absolutely OFF! on Friday night at Jacks. Best night of screaming and shouting for a long time.
    Good to know somebody still knows what good old Aussie Rock is all about. Cheers, Brett

  12. shan 02.12.13 / 11am

    Great night sat, very entertaining. Great song selection played perfectly. Thanks for being one of the few pub bands will to play rage against the machines, made my night.

  13. Manny Frieslaar 08.20.13 / 6pm

    Hello Steam
    I’m Manny a music producer,writer,rapper I made a remix on the classic “Na na na hey goodbye”.love your music and yes people love the remix not like the original was bad, but its legend. Thanks

  14. Vicki Sowell 11.12.14 / 12pm

    You are one of my favorite bands of the 60’s. Especially “Na na na na hey hey hey goobye. Loved to dance to that. Bring youselves to your fans in Tennessee. We would love a concert!

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