Michael lenton


My first band was the Ettalong Beach War Memorial Junior Brass Band.
At that stage of my musical journey, my eight years on this earth had prepared me for the rigorous world of Brass Music and its wicked beats.

Moving on from the heady world of Brass, and at the age of 11 in year 6 I was head hunted by the high school “concert” band and was to find myself ensconced in the dark world of  high school rock as the drummer of “THE CHOOK STABBERS”.

Spinning madly withinin the down low world of Brass and Wind I then found myself drawn towards the high pitched, sexually charged, misogynistically depicted world of Heave Metal. For hours I would sit in small dark rooms and ponder the nuances of lyrical genius as sung so movingly by Iron Maiden. It was in this maddening world of rock that I came to worship my first of many drum gods “Niko McBrain”..amen.

One day, as the sun, moved by forces beyond the universe, came to shine into my dark world, I found myself once again drawn toward musical collaboration with like minded individuals..this then led me to the world of TRUE rock, DIRTY rock…HIGH SCHOOL ROCK!!! We joined together and I was transformed into the beat behind…ONE BY ONE, and …”THE TEDDY BEAR DEATH SQUAD”. It was in these bands that I honed my skills behind the black and silver reflection of my Pearl Export!! It was at this time in my life that I bid a sad goodbye to the dark and deviant world of Brass Bands and Umina High School and travelled toward my destiny…jamming with mates at the Umina Surf Club and waiting for the next big break!

As the fates would weave my life’s tapestry and add to my joys and losses I heard through a friend, of a friend, of a friend of someone I might have heard of in a drunken stupor…that a forming Sydney Heavy Metal Band was in desperate need of a drummer. Upon hearing the news I had a series of prophetic dreams in which I WAS THAT DRUMMER…I was the new drummer for Dearly Beheaded.



Dearly Beheaded (late 80’s – early 90’s)

Genre: Technical Thrash Metal

Albums:                                              Bent (demo)

Favouite song: Surviving the Insane



Cruciform (early 90’s)

Genre: Doom Death

Albums:                                               Atavism

Paradox (demo)

Favouite song: I to the heavens shall lift my eyes



Sh’mantra (mid 90’s to present)

(originally named Cornucopia)

Genre: Progressive Post Rock

Albums: Cornucopia (demo)

Cornucopia the album
Formula Orange

A System of Moments

Sub_floating (EP)

Beside the Bunker (EP)

Favourite songs: Never Look Directly at the Light of the Sun.



After years of originals bands and the endless to-ing and fro-ing of “The Rock Experience”, I made my way to the world of Covers Rock and Pub Nights.

Now, instead of screaming Metal Heads and Bleeding devotees, I can, with a smile and some money in my pocket for my efforts, look onto the dance floor of the local pub or country club, and see the scuffed and faded shoes of the Covers Band Fans. They are a small but faithful group of music lovers who, fortunately for Steam, follow us where est we may go and listen willingly to the nostalgic and gladly re-lived songs of our yesteryear.

My current band, Steam, has led me into the world of paid entertainment, and through my membership into this Rock Covers Brotherhood I have learned the art of Zen Imposed Cooperation, Tolerance and Balance.

My drumming now takes me to places beyond Coleridge’s Xanadu, and further into the periphery of the Universal Truth. I have seen the Pillars of Truth and they are connected eternal to my being, my drum sticks and my self.

So come with me on this existential ride of life and classic rock covers and join Steam as we gain momentum and become the Juggernaut’s of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s classic covers rock. We are the new Titan’s of the Central Coast scene and we are moving…FULL STEAM AHEAD!