Alan Christian



I built this city on rock n roll. And I love to yodel. Born in the Scottish wastelands and swam to Australia in the late 60’s. Likes music, beer and vacuuming. Dislikes thieves. Unable to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Ambitions: grow some hair, walk upright and learn Swahili.

I  grew up  on Sydney’s northern beaches, picked up my first guitar aged 13 or 14 and learnt to play from my older brother who still gives me the occasional lesson. I  played in punk/funk rock bands Thong and Slab then formed the Black Pennies on the Central Coast as guitar player/song writer. After the finish of the Black Pennies I had a few years off then decided that I was missing the action of playing live. In 2010 I answered an ad on Facebook for a bass player and STEAM were born.